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Our season of Zoom meetings is now at an end.
We will continue during the next few months with our Summer Site Meetings and Workshops. Please feel free to come along!

*If you would like to join our meetings please contact us at chair@parkstonecameraclub to register your interest.

If you would like to join Parkstone Camera Club then please use the following link to our membership form.

Please visit the site regularly to keep in touch with the Status of the club's meeting programme.

Lyn Jenkins


Hello, I'm Lyn. I first joined the club in the early eighties and I am one of the longest serving members. I had gone away on holiday to Austria, my first time abroad, armed with a compact camera. I was so disappointed when I got back as the photos did not do the place justice. I decided to get a decent camera and learn all about photography, which is why I joined the Parkstone Camera Club.
I set up my own darkroom and did my own black & white and colour printing and liked to experiment and be creative; solarisation, posterisation, dodging and burning, toning and tinting, montages - it's a lot easier nowadays in the computer!

A camera club is a great way to improve ones photography and associate with like-minded people that helps to motivate and inspire. I know I am biased, but I think that Parkstone Camera Club members are a friendly bunch that are passionate about their interest and keen to share it with others!